Castello del terriccio
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“Gian Annibale is an ambitious and at the same me a very sentimental project. It pays homage to the talented work of my uncle, Gian Annibale, in whose footsteps I am following with the passionate management of Castello di Terriccio, but it is also the conclusion of a journey that has distant origins, symbolizing his passing the torch to me and the unbroken continuity that this represents. Firm in his belief that Petit Verdot could represent the new distinctive element in his quest to harness the true winemaking potential of this spectacular estate, my uncle already laid the groundwork some years ago for the creation of a blend centered around this grape variety. When I took the reins of the company, I wanted to continue the work that he had started: so, with the help of Carlo Ferrini - who enthusiastically took up the challenge some 30 years a er creating Lupicaia - we translated my uncle’s initial vision into a great new wine that is now finally seeing the light of day, a wine that could only ever bear his name.”


Calcareous and clayish soil with presence of rocky structure, exposition south-east, substratum in difficult conditions, therefore with the need to maintain a good fertility with kneading and reversing the soil. This confers balance and concentration to the grapes.

Vitigni: petit verdot