Olive oil

The 12,000 olive trees consist of prized varieties such as Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Maurino and Rosciola (rare in this area) that are grown using sustainable techniques on about 50 hectares (126 acres), producing prime quality olives that are pressed at the estate's own mill.

The olives once harvested are immediately transported to our olive-press, which is a cold-press continuous cycle system. They are pressed within a maximum of 24 hours of picking, thus avoiding risky delays and maintaining all of the flavour of the fruit. The oil is then left to settle naturally. It is stored in a dry, dark place, protected from heat and noise in steel containers which now replace the former coppi, large terracotta pots used in past centuries and still kept on the estate as souvenirs of the ancient art.

Crop yields, using low environmental impact cultivation techniques, are significantly below average, but ensure the highest quality: the I.G.P. Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil has extremely low acidity - maximum values of 0.2 – 0.3 – and has a particularly balanced fragrance and taste. Production is about 80 quintals (8,000 kg) per year.