The land

The happy balance between soil and air, land and light, have made this land an agricultural micro-climate where nature exists comfortably with the changes made by man over time to safeguard the biodiversity of the territory, maintaining a variety of cultivated crops and native vegetation along with vines.

The extent of the property also allowed the vines to be planted in a leopard spot pattern on the most favourable plots, on the basis of the qualities of the soil, dew point, exposition to sea breezes and exposure to light. The vineyards are facing the sea and therefore receive reflected light, with more exposure compared to areas lighted directly by the sun. The soils chosen have mineral elements, including iron and copper, mixed in a medium texture with a balance of sands and silt. These factors combine to give the Castello del Terriccio red wines an impressive breadth of structure and high levels of polyphenols.