43° 22' 2.1" N
10° 30' 24.5" E


Arriving from North (Pisa, Florence, Genova) in direction Rosignano Marittimo or from South (Rome/Grosseto) on the SS1 in direction Livorno, exit at Rosignano Marittimo. After having paid the toll, take the road on the left in direction “Grosseto/Roma”.
After the curve when you are on the straight road, take the exit to the left that says "SR206/Vada/Pisa". You enter a roundabout, take the second exit, you pass beneath the above highway and enter a second roundabout. Take the first exit right. You are on the road SR206 at the height of km 5 (you can see a "5" on the left side of the road that indicates that you are at km 5). Continue 400 m and on the left side, at the height of km 4,6 of the road SR206, you find a red brickwall entrance with a palm tree and enter there. You are on the unsurfaced road of Castello del Terriccio. From here you continue always straight, after 400 m the barrier opens if you push the button on your left side. You make another 3 km until you reach, going upside the hill, the little village with the cellar and a villa that is the office.